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Visual Merchandising

The course aims to impart cutting-edge knowledge about the fast growing field of Visual Merchandising. Visual Merchandising is the specific art of displaying fashion merchandise in a manner that appeals to a potential customer. Understanding the sales potential in terms of the right display in showrooms, windows, signboards, interiors and other promotional drives are the tasks of a graduate of the visual merchandising course. And if you have the flair for creative interiors and decorations and believe in the power of visual communication, then this is the course that will open many doors to competitive opportunities for you.

Introduction to Visual Merchandising


Role and importance of Visual Merchandising in today’s competitive world. Visual Merchandising as a marketing strategy. The art of pre–selling a product.

Outlining and Developing a Display Strategy


Analysis of target audience. Segmentation of market, Analysis of buying motives and brand preferences. Understanding Marketing and Sales Management.

Strategic Planning


Basic Principles
Windows designs, showroom, boutique display. colour theory, harmony and application. Music and its power. Uses and application of mannequins. Construction.

Classification of Displays
Various types of props. Plants palms, petunia plants, fems, etc. Sylvan props¬ twigs, vines, frames, fence etc., Paper and paper product tissue paper, typing paper, sculpted paper, boxes etc furniture and fabrics, Miscellaneous paraphernalia.

Details of Pattern
Weaves, stripes, checks plaids, geometric, dots floral figures, fantasies and other patterns, importance of Backdrop presentation.

Music and Lighting
Selection of music. Advantages and disadvantages of using music, understanding lighting patterns. Role of lighting in visual merchandising, Colours and types of lightings.

Sophistication in Visual Display
Latest equipments and systems. Use and Selection of various mediums. Audio visual presentation. Usage of scientific technology in Visual Display.

Visual Merchandising
Approaching clients. Developing display techniques according to client requirements. Handling client objections. Developing ideas for client presentation.

Finalization of Display
Motive and Marketing consideration for every merchandise display. Estimation and finalizations of the contract. Assignments and Evaluation. Planning and inventory control system.

Strategies of a Visual Merchandise
Development of Creative, Strategies of a Visual Merchandise
Development of creative designs. Innovation in Visual Merchandising.
Skills, techniques and strategies of presentation.