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Two Years Diploma

Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design

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The Fashion designing courses offers students an in-depth knowledge of basic design principles in topics like proportion and color. Details for garment and clothing and terminology are also explained. Students work on producing and editing their collections and analyzing modern fashion trends.

People who aim to become designers, stylists must have a profound knowledge of fashion. Those with an intensely personal style and a talent for creating complete garments for themselves and others must consider a diploma in fashion designing. The course material will give students lots of diverse knowledge about the fashion world. In the two year course, students cover studying about fabrics, prints, colors and other aspects of fashion that will boost your fashion career.

Essential Information: Advanced Fashion Design Diploma

Students in two-year fashion design diploma program can explore fashion to the fullest. They are up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, create designs, and participate in fashion shows. Any person with a high school certification can apply. By the end of the program, we encourage students to create a portfolio to assist in placement opportunities. Students gain practical training experience through workshops, field visits.

Through coursework and practice in the institute, students acquire skills that qualify them for any career in fashion designing. Our program allows students to concentrate on many aspects of fashion design, from haute couture to children's clothing or intimate apparel. Our curriculum also includes production management and range development. Students compile various portfolios that showcase their collections; this is required to market one's skills to potential employers in the industry.

What are the objectives of this course?

  • To explain the purpose of advanced technologies in the fashion industry starting with the basic principles
  • To help students in marketing, preparation, and product development in the textile industry
  • Help students understand the activities of the fashion firms
  • Help students gain the abilities to fulfill the duties of a fashion designer in textile companies
  • Helps students track the evolving trends, standards, social dynamics and reforms of the Indian and global Fashion industry
  • Students get opportunities to present their collection on the runway
Semester 1
Basic of sketchingPracticalDrawing and sketching, freehand sketching in different places, one point and two point perspetive,shades, lines textures using different pencils,nature composition, landscape composition, outdoor composition, still life, composition of two objects, different types of objects, composition of different types of objects with drapery freehand sketching and colored.Submission of compostion and practical exam
Elements of DesignPracticalBasic elements of design – silhouette, line, colour, value, texture. Principle of design, proportion, balance, unity, rhythm and emphasis. Colour theory and composition. Introduction, characteristic of colour, (hue, lightness and saturation). Psychology of coloursSubmissoin of composition
Fashion OrientationTheory
Pattern Making-IPracticalStandard measurements
Technical terms in tailoring
How to take body measurements
Basic bodice block
Different types sleeves, collars, skirts, pants

Submission of record
Practical exam and submission
Garment Construction-IPracticalEquipments and accessories used, sewing machine – their parts and general repair. Clothing construction terminology, taking body measurement, preparation of fabric for layout and cutting. Practical: Basic seams, finishing of raw edges, plackets, pleats, tucks, darts, gathers and fasteners. Drafting of basic body and sleeve block.Practical exam and submission
Textile scienceTheoryFiber classification, yarn and its types, fabric construction – weaving, knitting, felting, methods of dyeing and printing, surface designing techniques, care of fabric. Preparation of swatch file, market survey
History of costumesTheoryStudy of costumes of different eraPresentation on a given era
Semester 2
Sketching-IIPracticalSubmission of the assignments
EmbroideryPracticalOutline stitches- Back stitch, pekinese stitch, and cable stitch, overcoat stitch and split stitch Flat stitches-Straight stitch, satin stitch, long and short stitch, fish bone stitch, open fish bone., fern stitch, herringbone stitch, rumanian stitch, leaf stitch and cross stitch Looped stitches-blanket stitch, feather stitch, creatan stitch, chain stitch, open chain stitch, twisted chain stitch, cable stitch, and lazy daisy.Knotted stitch-French knot,couching Submission of a product
Fashion Illustration-IIPracticalBasic and stylized croquie, colourind, accessories, specific details- bows, pockets, and plackets, belts, various types of shirts skirts pants, hair styles, headgears.Submission of a composition
Texture Design and embellishment techniquePracticalTextures - thread pulling, thread crumple, thread rolling, paper dabbing, wax rubbing, wax drop, smoke, blade, leaf, flower, butterfly, lace, jute, thumb, matchstick, sponge, cabbage, potato, onion, chilly, lady finger, ink drop, ink blow, drop ink, batik, leather, dry brush, mesh, comb, cloth dabbing , Textural effects, Use of textures in fashion designing .Product development
Pattern Making-IIPractical
Variation using Basic bodice block
Different variation of sleeves, collars, skirts, pants
Full garment pattern making
Practical exam and submissiom
Garment Construction-IIPracticalFull garment constructionPractical exam and submissiom
Traditional Indian TextilesTheory
Fashion OrientationTheoryFashion terms, fashion brands, fashion cycles, Indian and international designers and brands, fashioh capitals of the world, fashion trend studyFinal presentaion on a given topic
Semester 3
Illustration-IIPracticalSubmission of the assignments
Trend and Forecast StudyPractical
Design ProcessTheory and Practical
Range DevelopmentPracticalProduct development
Pattern Making-IIIPracticalPractical exam and submissiom
Garment Construction-IIIPracticalPractical exam and submissiom
Production ManagementTheory
Introduction to PhotoshopPractical
Semester 4
Digital Illustration-IIPracticalSubmission of the assignments
Eco FashionTheory and Practical
Range DevelopmentPracticalProduct development
Pattern Making-IVPracticalPractical exam and submissiom
Garment Construction-IVPracticalPractical exam and submissiom
Portfolio DevelopmentTheory