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The importance of tailoring course with Fashion Designing

Tailoring Course in mumbai


When pursuing higher education, here, a degree in Fashion Designing, students must feel confident with the field they’ve chosen. A tailoring course will educate you further in the field. When it comes to fashion designing, you require practical skills to sew the garment you have envisioned. Knowing how to stitch your garments is an added advantage. Through a tailoring course, you will acquire the knowledge to put together your garment.

With many students completing their education in fashion designing but lacking much practical skills, investing in a tailoring course can help you. To have more practice at home, investing in quality machinery can help you hone sewing skills.

So, how important is it to possess sewing skills while pursuing a fashion designing course? What views do fashion students and faculty have on this?

Stitch Up

Many fashion designing faculties around the world will agree that having dual abilities as a designer and tailor are crucial. Numerous students graduating from universities and colleges lack practical skills. It is not their fault. Companies approach designers with multitude skills. Experience is a plus point.

Many students realise that their studies have not equipped them with the basic skills they require to join the industry. They resort to tailoring classes to brush up on the basic techniques. Young people find it difficult get employment in the fashion textile industry. Due to competitiveness, brands need skilled people with a range of practical knowledge. Our tailoring course will give students in our fashion designing course the practical knowledge to sew the garments they design.

India turns out thousands of graduates every year from fashion schools. Many of them are unable to turn a drawn design into a real-life garment.

Students pay high fees on fashion design courses that are not providing them with adequate practical skills. When they approach the industry, it is sending them back to get training.

Knowing this problem, we at Designers’ Institute are providing are free tailoring course to our students in the fashion designing department. We aim to fill this gap to enable our students to get the skills the industry demands. Make your resume more impressive and learn the practical skills to make yourself more desirable to an employer.