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Tailoring workshop for one piece dress – make it- wear it-Look your best

Tailoring course in mumbai


Tailoring workshop is specially designed for every individual who wants to advance in the Art of Sewing and get hands on learning on the tailoring techniques. This workshop will provide every learner with the knowledge of the tools and materials required for clothing.

This also includes practical trials and demonstrations of cutting and sewing by the versatile and experience trainers. Interaction with the experts will help the learner to make maximum use of the resources available. Eg—a learner see a beautiful dress in a boutique which is very expensive and out of reach. This workshop will enable him/her to make the exact outfit in low cost and in their own innovative way.

Thus, Designers institute is conducting a Tailoring workshop for such an artist, who can see the beauty of the world. And through this workshops you can create something very elegant from one piece dress. Such experience will build up your confidence and groom your personality.


Tailoring course


This, workshop will also help you to fulfill your dreams of becoming a best professional and also helping you to earn a good living and meet your financial needs or requirements.  Through this workshop you will learn the details about the basic and advance Tailoring course.


  • Practical knowledge of making dresses.
  • To know the details about the basic and advance course.
  • Hands on learning about the use of the measuring tape.
  • To get knowledge of fabrics.
  • Job opportunities in the field of tailoring.
  • Duration and fee structure.