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Spice up your look with Indo Western

Fashion Designing course in mumbai

Fusion provides a great opportunity to fashion designers to create a collection of unique garments. The combination of Indian patterns, colours can be matched with Western wear.
Many designers have led the inspiration of fusion. In India, the trend to fuse cultures has led to the birth of new innovation. Fusion has also led designers to win praise for ethnic fashion on the global stage. Famous Indian designers have made an impact in international fashion shows by displaying Indian fashion elements.
India is seeing the new generation with fusion style. People in the West are embracing Indian fashion too. Fashion designing courses in many institutes are being updated to this change. We cannot leave behind the power-packed Indian fashion flavours when dealing with fashion.
No matter how you pick up your styling ideas – from fashion blogs or a fashion design institute, fusion is the way to go. We will give you some tips on how to stylize your fashion statement. Here are a few combinations you can try to add some spark to your wardrobe.

We’ll start with the simplest fusion. The Banarasi brocade skirt. Pair it with a plain white skirt. This combination brings elegance in fashion, moreover, focusing on traditional designs. It is a comfortable combination that brings with it equal amounts of grace and beauty.
When wearing a traditional Chikankari kurta top, you might want to pair it with a pleated skirt. It will be a blend of Indian art with the western attire that is modest yet stylish.


Denim brings vast opportunities for fusion. Not believing it? Trying pairing a denim skirt for a twist with a Chanderi Peplum top. The look is fresh and will certainly make a good impression on fashionistas. Indians attires are filled with lively colours and patterns. The denim goes well with the vibrant top. Both complement each other.
You can spice up your look with more Indian flavours. Add to your look some accessories like Kolhapuri chappals. These chappals complement a plain pair of blue jeans. The silver anklets we women are so fond of goes well with the ripped denim pants. The Banjara earrings will add style to your look.


Dresses! How beautiful an embroidered Ikat jacket looks over a plain dress with Indian inspired prints. It changes the look of a casual garment to a stylish look with art.
Another great fusion is the skater dress that can be accessorized with the Kundan jewellery. This style is turning out to be the trending look in the West. Many Hollywood icons are embracing this look.
Now for a twist in the combination, you can wear an Angrakha dress with your favourite tan boots. You can pair up the Angrakha kurta with colourful cigarette pants.

Our cultural diversity brings with it many opportunities to combine Indian tradition with Western fashion. When they meet, they bring the best combinations of fashion that can suit your style. Join our Fashion design degree, where you get a free tailoring course. Now you can learn to design and stitch your designs in one course.