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Professional Career

Be a role model and creative from others, be a professionally highly paid photographer in the Industry.

Stock Photographer

You can covers every subject imaginable. You can sell a photo of virtually anything of a certain quality and size in shutterstock etc.


Be diversify and earn by freelancing in various events, shows, occassions, product etc.


Eminence will boast your passion into photography in wildlife, fashion, product, wedding, landscape, sports and macro.


Photojournalist is a key person to present acutual reality working for magazine, media & news agency.

Become a youtuber

Teach and earn in your way. YouTube celebrity are most successful in this internet generation.

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Open your clasess

A photography course can provide you professional techniques and skills to start your own Classes or Institute.


Open your photo studio

Opening your own photo studio or starting a business is a dream for many entrepreneur. We give opportunities to become entrepreneur.


Assistance In Personal Work

Our well trained experts during the course will provide you a small task or project to enhance your skills.


Why Us?

Designers Institute (A Pillai's Education Institutions) are one of Mumbai’s premium educational institution. Seeking professional Photography courses in India is in demand these days, what can be better than pursuing Photography courses.

Find out about our benefits.

  • 1. Well equipped studio

    2. Professional grade environment

  • 3. Learn with industy experts

  • 4. International trained faculty

  • 5. Weekends Classes

  • 6. Flexible Timings

  • 7. Assistance in personal project

  • 8. Industry Exposure


Diploma In Photography

Get certified in Professional Diploma course. Learn to tricks & techniques with our 48 years of expertise.

Advance Photography

Everything from composition to the technical, such as ISO invariance & mathematically sharpest aperture.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a creative lifestyle of magazines, books, ad campaigns, billboards, and online etc.

Product Photography

Product photography is a central component of any successful online business by using special techniques.

Wedding Photography

Capturing the feeling of a wedding day isn't simple, Learn to become professional wedding photographer.

Basic Photography

Learn everything from the fundamentals of digital to basic techniques and camera lighting.

Crash Course Photography

Learn We've created a FREE Crash Course so you can learn basic of digital photography all in one place.

Event Photography

Event Photography specialise in photographing events, corporate parties, corporate conferences etc.