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One Year Diploma

One Year Diploma in Interior Designing

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One Year Diploma Overview

The aim of the basic diploma in Interior design is to prepare students to meet the industry standards of interior designing. The course is to mould students into experts who can employ interpretation skills in developing projects. Students will be taught in the residential interiors. The one year diploma in Interior designing  provides participants with the basic technical knowledge on residential spaces.

Essential Information

One of the reputed institutes to provide Interior design courses in Mumbai is Designers’ Institute. The basic interior design diploma creates the path for the student to pursue a career as a residential interior designer. There are rewarding career options where an interior designer can specialize in more than one area of practice. Students use their inspiration, understanding, and designing skills, in designing a wide range of interior residential premises.

We present interior designing courses in Mumbai that provide students to be qualified, skillful and competent design professionals. We offer a program tailored to satisfy individual needs. Designers’ Institute endeavors to present high-quality instruction in interior design. Our curriculum is practical and touches both the artistic and technical viewpoint of interior designing. If you have the desire to be the best home interior designer in Mumbai, our basic diploma can qualify you to realize your dream. Our dynamic faculty offers high-quality instruction that will lead you in the right direction.

What are the objectives of this course?

  • To provide a well-founded understanding of Interior Design
  • To build aesthetically rich residential spaces
  • To develop proficiency in computer-based interior design
  • To give the students’ abilities needed to design reputed design houses
  • To encourage learners to kick-start a career in interior designing
  • Improve your stature as interior designer
  • Gain a competitive edge
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