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Is Interior Designing a Good Career Option After 12th?

Choosing a wise career option after 12 class exams are very necessary for setting a successful future. With such a huge buzz around the interior design industry, students normally end up asking if interior designing is a good career option after 12th?

Pursuing an Interior Design Course is a very clever idea of seeing the future of the industry. People in India, especially the ones from the city, are gearing up to match the western lifestyle, which means a planned interior and exterior. With inspirational ideas of designing home and business interior because of the internet, people are more open towards the idea of hiring a professional for designing. This specific purpose opens a number of career opportunities for all those who have a bachelor of interior design degree.

Interior designing Degree

Career Options After Pursing Interior Designing Course –

  1. Interior Designer

The most glorious and famous career option after completing the course is starting your own interior design firm. You can engage in projects including renovations, revamping, as well as new individual residential and commercial spaces. To run your magic for designing interiors, you can choose to pursue interior design.

  1. Work in A Designing Firm

If you are more inclined towards a stable job profile than your own business, then you can opt to join a design firm. Working in a designing firm is the dream of many people because of the working environment and scope of projects.

  1. Furniture Designer

After completing a bachelor of interior design, you can also opt for other career options that aren’t an interior designer. One of the most reliable careers that you can choose with an interior design degree is a furniture designer. The interior designing course includes minute details about the furniture and woodworking that helps you pursue it.

  1. Set/Space Designing

Innovative and creative ideas are needed for setting stages for a number of events, parties, weddings, exhibitions, etc. The interior designing course helps with the ideas for getting into this field. You can even enter the film or TV industry by designing the temporary sets for the scenes.

  1. Teach Design

You can also opt for a teaching career after completing the bachelor of interior design. There are a number of interior design institutes in Mumbai, and many more colleges trying to involve this course into their college. This is the reason for a number of teaching vacancies in the coming years. So, you can also opt for teaching after obtaining an interior design degree.

The interior designing course opens up a lot of career options for you. So, it is surely a good choice to pursue interior designing after 12th seeing future opportunities in the industry.