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I Failed 12th. What Do I Do?

Fashion Designing Course in Mumbai

Failing is not the end – in fact, it is the start of a new world. Because if you fail, means you were never interested in that field, and so, you need to start looking for something you love for making your career. So, here are some of the hand-picked courses that you might be interested in a bright career opportunity.

Before we go any further, always remember that if you want, you can always re-write the exams and get them cleared. But if you are planning to look past that, then here are my recommended courses you can apply to –

Option One – Technical Advice

If you have failed your standard 12th examination, you still have the chance to pursue a technical field. You can use your SSC or 10th standard marks for enrolling into a diploma course, and then pursue engineering in the same field after completing the diploma. Your technical diploma options are –

  1. Mechanical
  2. Electrical
  3. Civil
  4. Computer
  5. Marine
  6. Networking

These are some of the traditional technical diploma courses you can pursue a career in this field. So, for all those interested in theory subjects and practical knowledge, these are the options for you.

Option Two – Creative Advice

If you have failed in your standard 12th exams and also scored less in 10th examination, this means you are not at all interested in studying theory matter. In fact, you might be great at studies, but you would be amongst those who want a career in the creative field, then these options are for you

  1. Fashion Designing
  2. Interior designing
  3. Photography
  4. Acting/Modelling
  5. Event Management

These are all creative courses that you can enrol irrespective of your standard 10th or 12th results. In fact, you can join some of these courses like fashion designing diploma and interior design diploma while appearing for your 12th examinations in correspondence. So, enrol for a good fashion designing or interior design institute to get a glorified career into the field even after hitting a bump in your 12th standard.

So, these are some of the most interesting and better-earning career profiles that you can pursue even after failing in standard 12th.