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How To Embroider On Leather

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Embroidery on cloth can be intimidating at first to beginners, leave alone on leather. It is not as difficult as it seems with practice. We’re here to provide you with tips that can help you start with leather embroidery. Our crash course in embroidery is available to students wishing for more guidance. Below are our handy tips to help you embroider your leather jackets or bags without fear.

1. Choose embroidery designs that have a light density. Choose a design that is light density in software. A light design avoids any sort of tears that occur due to excess perforation.

2. Ensure the leather is backed with lightweight interfacing which is fusible. Use such type of interfacing to further avoid perforation on leather. Use a fusible that has low-heat retention and press gently only on the leather back. Use a press cloth while doing this.

3. Choose a firm embroidery machine cut-away stabilizer to get the best results.

4. Don’t hoop or bend leather! Use an adhesive. Choose adhesives such as temporary spray adhesive. To stick leather, you can use a glue stick or self-adhesive stabilizer.

5. Don’t use a topper for leather embroidery. You can risk damaging the leather by trying to remove it either with heat or water-removable topper.

6. Run a test of the design on scrap leather. You can find the best size of needle, thread and machine settings by testing first.

7. Use a topstitching needle when working with embroidery on lightweight leather. Use a leather needle when working with embroidery on medium and heavyweight leather. Try 80/12 first. You can shift to larger if necessary.

8. Set the presser foot low. Keeping it low will help steady the leather. The leather will not keep bouncing during embroidery.

9. Use moderate speed while embroidering. Too slow might not pierce the leather. Have a moderate speed as a relatively fast needle will pierce the leather more effectively.

After you’re done with your embroidery design on the leather, distorts appear. You must re-flatten your leather.

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