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How Do I Get Admissions for Fashion Designing Courses?

Fashion designing has got its stakes high with a lot of career scope and vast industry chances. Given the craze it is gaining over the last few years, there are many students out there dreaming of becoming a successful fashion designer in the future. Seeing the number of fashion designing institute and different courses to enter this, the only thing students lack is proper guidance. So, in this article, let us learn about how you can get admissions for fashion designing courses.

Fashion designing Courses in mumbai

Know About the Different Courses…

  1. Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design –

An undergraduate degree course for all the students who want to make a difference in the fashion world. The B.Sc. Fashion Design gives you a direct entrance in the industry of fashion designing. You get in-depth knowledge about the past, present, and future of the fashion world.

  1. Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing –

It is a diploma course gives you knowledge about practical and theory subjects in fashion designing. As the name suggests, it is an advanced course with detail studies about all the important subjects that will make a difference in your career.

  1. One-Year Diploma in Fashion Designing –

A one-year diploma provides you with basic knowledge of practical and theoretical subjects. This diploma is the perfect way to get an introduction to this gigantic field. You will be learning to sketch, make illustrations, pattern making, construction, making costumes, etc. in this course.

Eligibility –

The requirements you need to fulfill for entering these courses are the basic higher school certificate examinations i.e. 12th standard. You can attend the diploma courses irrespective of the standard 12th results, but for a degree course, you need to have the certificate.

Steps to Block Your Seat –

  • Choose the best-suited fashion design course as per your interest and career perspective.
  • Look out for fashion designing institute and colleges that provide the specific course.
  • Contact the institute and make a brief inquiry about the course and related information.
  • Visit the college to see if the place has good infrastructure and teaching faculty.
  • Block your admissions before the time runs out.

P.S. Make sure to choose a college with enough practical space and maximum exposure to the industry for making sure that you have a good future ahead. After all, practical knowledge and contacts are what will take you higher in this creative field.

Related Courses –

If you do not get admission in the desired college or if you are yet to appear your 10+2 examination, then you can also enroll yourself to related courses to make your basics strong. You can join the correspondence/distance education courses so that the timings are flexible and you can manage it with your ongoing schedule.

  • Tailoring
  • Embroidery
  • Costume Jewelry and Accessory Design
  • Draping and Pattern Making
  • Computer Aided Designing
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Sketching

There are many more related courses that you can learn before joining the fashion designers institute. You can also simply attend the workshops related to the field to get more in-depth knowledge about the industry. So, get your admissions and be ready to join this humongous world of fashion and trends.