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When thinking to pursue a fashion designing course, you can be left with a dilemma of having to choose between a degree and diploma. The basic difference between the two is the time frame. A B.Sc. degree in Fashion Designing is for three years whereas an advanced diploma in Fashion Designing is for two. Another major difference in a diploma and degree is the learning depth of the subject. The practical and theoretical knowledge offered in a degree and diploma varies.

A fashion designing diploma will take lesser time to complete as compared to the time duration of a degree course. The diploma course focuses on the field with the aim of imparting general knowledge. Those earning their bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing will cover the same syllabus in greater depth.

Degree Programs

There are various types of degree programs. One can earn a degree at undergraduate or post graduate levels. Students can pursue their Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc. – 3 years and B.Des. – 4 years) after which they can earn a Master’s degree (2 years). Some choose to take up a doctoral after a master’s degree (varying duration).

Acquiring a B.Sc. degree in Fashion Designing gives students more opportunities to secure a rewarding career than a diploma course. Many career options in the fashion industry require an applicant to complete a bachelor’s degree. Some positions may require more qualifications.

Diploma Programs

Diploma programs are short-term courses – usually of one or two years. A diploma is quite similar to a certificate course. Many youngsters are choosing diploma for its short duration. A fashion designing course emphasizes on practical learning. It aims to impart in-depth knowledge in the field within a limited period. Be it a basic or advanced diploma; students are taught to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Degree Program at Designers’ Institute

Students opting for a degree in Fashion Designing will graduate from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University. We recommend students interested in a career as a fashion designer or apparel production or retail to pursue this degree. The curriculum covers subjects like the history of design, textile knowledge, and other design techniques to strengthen your skills. Fashion Illustration and learning of design software will enhance your abilities to sketch and present your ideas. In the final year, students prepare their collection and portfolio to prepare themselves for what lies ahead and boost their creativity.

Diploma Program at Designers’ Institute

One can opt for a diploma in Fashion Designing. The certificate will be provided by the institute. The basic diploma is of one year – covering the surface of all topics. The advanced diploma goes into depth. The aim of the diploma curriculum is to make students familiar with the field and put their creativity into work. We help passionate students turn into the best designers they can be.