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Fashion Designing Courses

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Fashion Designing Courses In Mumbai

Fashion Design explores the relationship between classic principles and bold innovation and how each one can drive the process of creation. One of the most thrilling and rewarding careers in the world is Fashion Designing. Passion alone may not help you in your dream to make it big. You require a formal education to learn the field in depth. Our fashion designing courses give you the additional push you need to make it in the industry.

Through our Fashion designing degree, students learn the processes, techniques and tools needed to develop design concepts across formats - 2D and 3D designs. They also learn digital and hand drawings, flat patterns and fully constructed garments while developing the critical skills they need to evolve into a versatile design professional. Beyond the basics of fashion design, students learn the business fundamentals of apparel marketing, manufacturing and production procedures.

Our faculty offer invaluable instruction in key tenets of design, as well as a broader perspective on the history of fashion and how cultural and aesthetic trends emerge and adapt. Our classrooms and labs are geared toward collaboration and thoughtful critique - each of which will be expected of students during their time in the program. In addition to studio and classroom experience, students are presented opportunities for internships and job assistance. So why look around when you have our fashion designing institute to start with? Admissions are open for 2018 - 2019. Contact us NOW!

Our basic fashion designing diploma is for students who want to bring their creativity to life. We provide this program to help students polish their designing skills to prepare you to step into the world of fashion. This is the beginning step to start your career in the fashion industry. Designers' Institute draws out your best potential and gives you the platform to use your imagination with the right exposure.

There are: Semester 1 and Semester 2

Designers' Institute goes beyond classroom training to help students get the best of education. We encourage our students to bring out their creativity through field visits and other projects. In two years, this advanced fashion designing diploma imparts the basic knowledge of design with textile knowledge and embroidery design. Students also learn fashion illustration. The advanced course is specifically designed for students that want a deeper knowledge of the fashion industry.

There are: Semester 1, Semester 2, Semester 3 and Semester 4

This course will train an individual to learn the basic designing and garment construction for kids wear, men’s wear and women’s wear garments.

Embroidery tolls and it’s about Embroidery, Fundamental knowledge about Embroidery, Types of stitches

Costume Jewellery & Fashion Accessory Design Course

Introduction to Jewellery Craft techniques of India, Manufacturing process, Trends and Forecast of Fashion Jewellery

Indian Fashion Apparel Boutique Management

This course aims to prepare technically qualified professionals by focusing on core areas -Design development with originality, technical know of garment construction

Design Development for Indian Ethnic Wear

Detailed Overview of Indian Ethic apparel Fashion, Clothing Construction

Draping & Pattern Making Course

Pattern Making, Draping, Clothing Construction

Visual Merchandising


The course aims to impart cutting-edge knowledge about the fast growing field of Visual Merchandising.

Creative Fashion Styling


This course will take you through everything you need to consider when you are advising others on how to dress well.

Computer Aided Designing

New technology such as CAD has dramatically transformed the process of design.

Design & Pattern Making Ethnic Apparel Designing

Detailed Overview of Indian Ethic apparel Fashion, Pattern Making, Clothing Construction

Fashion & Clothing Technology

Fabric Study, History of Textiles, Design Ideas, Drafting and Pattern Making, Draping, Garment Construction

Fashion Designing & Creative Garment Construction

Basic Concepts on Fashion Designing, Design Ideas, Sketching and Illustration of creative garments, Basic Designing