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Fashion Designing Diploma

The fashion industry is growing and glooming each day of the year, and with that are the career opportunities in the field. With growing response to the career options in the fashion industry, a number of courses have established to train and educate about the fashion world. A number of diplomas, degrees, bachelorettes, and certificate courses are available to gain an education in this very specific field. So, amongst all these high weight courses, is doing a fashion diploma a good career option?

Fashion is Everywhere –

The top-most benefit of doing a fashion design diploma is the number of career opportunities in the field. There is a large scope when you think of becoming a fashion designer. Even apart from this career profile, you get various other options such as working at brand retail, jewelry designing, furniture designing, personal stylist, and costume designer.

Better Career Opportunities –

With depleting career options in other fields, you find a good scope of opportunities in the fashion market. Moreover, you also get name and fame in this industry, which is anytime better than the stereotype jobs of engineer and doctors.

Lucrative Field Options –

The fashion industry has fame, name, and a good monetary benefit. When you start working at a decent company with a good work profile, you are definitely on the receiving end of a handsome month-end salary. And if you are planning to start something of your own, then there are no bars for your success.

Be in The Limelight –

Fashion world works hand-in-hand with the celebs. And so, be ready to share some limelight, especially if you take over a personal stylist job for any of the celebrity. You are also to be in limelight when you work under famous brands and attend the fashion shows.

Fastest Way to Enter the Glam World –

The fashion designing diploma course is just a year or two, and hence is the fastest way to get admission to this glamorous world. You get information about all the basic concepts and some of the ongoing trends, which are enough for some born fashionistas to start their career in the fashion world.

Less Boring Studies, And More Creativity –

Fashion designing means creativity and practical work. You have to learn about the trends, terms, and shades that are important in making a dress. This means very less mugging the theory subjects and more exhibiting your creative skills.

These are some of the factors that definitely makes fashion diploma a good option for choosing your career. So, do not wait and find a good fashion designing institute to get your fashion designing diploma courses started.

Fashion Designing Course in Mumbai

Failing is not the end – in fact, it is the start of a new world. Because if you fail, means you were never interested in that field, and so, you need to start looking for something you love for making your career. So, here are some of the hand-picked courses that you might be interested in a bright career opportunity.

Before we go any further, always remember that if you want, you can always re-write the exams and get them cleared. But if you are planning to look past that, then here are my recommended courses you can apply to –

Option One – Technical Advice

If you have failed your standard 12th examination, you still have the chance to pursue a technical field. You can use your SSC or 10th standard marks for enrolling into a diploma course, and then pursue engineering in the same field after completing the diploma. Your technical diploma options are –

  1. Mechanical
  2. Electrical
  3. Civil
  4. Computer
  5. Marine
  6. Networking

These are some of the traditional technical diploma courses you can pursue a career in this field. So, for all those interested in theory subjects and practical knowledge, these are the options for you.

Option Two – Creative Advice

If you have failed in your standard 12th exams and also scored less in 10th examination, this means you are not at all interested in studying theory matter. In fact, you might be great at studies, but you would be amongst those who want a career in the creative field, then these options are for you

  1. Fashion Designing
  2. Interior designing
  3. Photography
  4. Acting/Modelling
  5. Event Management

These are all creative courses that you can enrol irrespective of your standard 10th or 12th results. In fact, you can join some of these courses like fashion designing diploma and interior design diploma while appearing for your 12th examinations in correspondence. So, enrol for a good fashion designing or interior design institute to get a glorified career into the field even after hitting a bump in your 12th standard.

So, these are some of the most interesting and better-earning career profiles that you can pursue even after failing in standard 12th.

Fashion Designing degree

Fashion Designing is a booming field, and so are the options to enter this vast empire. But that also brings in the confusion of which course to choose for getting an entry in this field. So, let us see the difference between diplomas and degrees in the context of fashion designing.

Diplomas…The Shortcut to Glory

I have titled it the shortcut for a reason as it actually offers you one. By doing a fashion designing diploma, be it a one-year course or two-year thing, you get a direct entrance in the fashion designing field. You can learn all the basics and important skills in the diplomas whilst keeping it short and sweet.

Key Features –

  • Shorter time duration
  • Focuses on specifics and principles
  • Often considered as a certificate course

Degrees…The Perfect Path

If you are looking for perfection and a thorough knowledge of the field, the degree is what you should look for. The degree courses stretch around three years and give you detailed knowledge of every aspect in the designing world. Moreover, you are always introduced to the technical aspects of the field, such as visual graphics, etc. You can learn all the past, present, and future of fashion trends and how that will affect the industry.

Key Features –

  • Long time duration
  • Gives all around the information on the subject and related areas
  • Considered as a formal degree in the designing field

Which is Better?

So, the final question still stays, which is better amongst the two? The answer to this question is that you can choose either as designing is a practical subject about creativity and ideas, and not about theory. So, till the time you are implementing all the basics right and getting the desired results from your creative side of the mind, you are okay to go ahead with any of the diplomas or degrees.

To enter the fashion world (before it gets too crowded) get your own fashion designing diploma or a degree from a reputed fashion designing institute. And in no time, you will be ready to rule this world with your designs and creations in the field of fashion.

Fashion Design diploma

Choosing a college has a great impact on your career as it sets the tone for your education and professional skills. So, the question is, why should you choose the Designers’ Institute over other famous, well-established fashion designing colleges and interior designing colleges? Let’s together find out what makes Designers’ Institute different from all other colleges.

Here are some of the distinct reasons for you to choose this college over others –

What We Stand For…

We at Designers’ Institute stand with the concept that each person has a hidden talent, and we help you bring out that creativity with immense technical backup. We encourage students to accept their creative self and grow skills for all their professional endeavors.

Low Student to Faculty Ratio

Designers’ Institute believes in proper attention and perfect knowledge in every term. We keep the batches small; so that each and every student is given proper attention, especially during the practical classes.

Engaging Curriculum & Creative Experimentation

We offer creative courses. And for being one of the best fashion designing colleges and interior designing colleges, we make sure to keep the curriculum in an engaging and practical manner. Creativity becomes a skill, and then it becomes a habit, but for that, you need lots of practice. And in Designers’ Institute, we give more importance to creative experimentation.

Good Computing Infrastructure

Creative fields need a place to express, and technology to back up their imaginative ideas. We have a good infrastructure that provides enough space for letting the students go creative and wild with their ideas.

Central Location

We are located in the heart of Mumbai, and central location from all the three – harbor, central, and western lines. The connectivity and the ease of transport make our institute a stand out competition among others. Moreover, it is just a small walk away from the Chembur station making it more convenient and comfortable.

Good Financial Aid

Education rates have reached sky high, and we won’t give you false hope of cheaper education, as good facilities, faculty, and infrastructure demand some money. But we do help you with the financial burden by providing installment options for your entire academic year fees.

Flexible Timing Option

The best reason to choose Designers’ Institute over others is the flexible timing option. The college is open for students on all weekdays from morning 9 to evening 5 giving you ample of batches to visit and get your course completed. We have started this flexible timing option to cope with those who are already taking classes of some other courses or doing part-time jobs.

Strong Career Services

Lastly, let’s talk about the important aspect after doing a course – good career. We provide you with strong after-course help by providing you with your own website and a well-designed portfolio along with the degree. The other extracurricular activities such as regular workshops visit and beauty pageant competitions also provide you with a platform to showcase your talent as well as develop a network of contacts. This way we offer you strong career services that are the plus point with us when compared to other fashion designing colleges and interior designing colleges.

Interior Design Course in mumbai

Each well-designed space has a story to tell, a story embedded in the walls, a tale that talks aloud about its originators. These stories are crafted by the combined intricate work of Architects and Interior Designers. But today we are going to talk about career options, and understand which is better while seeing the future demands. So, let’s jump this field deeper for seeing which career is better between the Architecture and Interior Designing.

Let’s Know About an Architect…

An architect is responsible for planning and executing a perfectly balanced building plan for empty spaces. In short, they create new, creative, colourful spaces by designing, reviewing, and overseeing the construction of buildings and houses. The Architect plans the basic structure of a place like kitchens, rooms, dining area, official spaces, cafeteria area, etc.

Let’s Understand Who an Interior Designer Is…

Once the building has been done with the construction phase, then comes the role of an Interior Designer. S/he is responsible for accessorizing and furnishing all the empty spaces within the building. The name of the profile exactly describes what these professionals do; they design the interiors of a home or an office.

Architecture Vs Interior Designing

Let us see the difference between the two career options to understand which field is better.

  • Designing –

Architects are engaged in designing buildings in empty spaces. They create the walls, floors, and the overall sitemap of the empty space.

An Interior Designer is involved in designing the empty spaces in the building developed by the Architects. This may include furniture placements, fixtures, and other accessories as per client’s requirement.

  • Training –

An architect’s training is in creating a structural plan for buildings that meets local, state, and national codes.

The interior design degree course includes creating a functional interior environment for making it more convenient with needed beatification.

  • Focus Area –

Architecture demands more focus on exterior conditions like material, form, climate, ventilation, flooring, lighting, etc.

Interior design courses focus more on human psychology and emotional conditions for a carefree, relaxing space.

  • Eligibility Criteria for Admissions –

To become an architect, you need to pass 10+2 in science stream with minimum 50% marks and compulsory math subject. You also need to clear the entrance examination before joining an architecture course and opt for college as per the merit list.

You can become an Interior Designer simply by doing the diploma course after your 10th exams irrespective of the results. It is a creative field, and that makes it an individual subject that doesn’t require any specific prior education. You can choose any one among the diploma and degree courses offered by the Interior Design Colleges as per your requirement to become a successful designer.

Which Career Option Is Better?

The architecture field gives you a strong technical background, wherein you can work in a number of leading construction firms with a handsome salary. The interior designing field opens you a number of creative options of working in a number of industries. You also have an option of starting your own firm (a reason why most of the architecture students are opting for an interior design degree course later in their career).

Both career options have their own perks and downsides. So, ultimately everything boils down to your interests and skills.

Where do you fit better? Is it the creative Interior Designing profile or the technical Architectural department? If you have the skills to make an impression in the Interior Designing grounds, then we are all helping to strengthen your knowledge and creativity. Contact us today itself to know more about the Interior design courses we offer.

Choosing a College can become a Herculean task, as it is one of the most important decisions in your life. It can nearly make or break you. Not actually break you, but it surely can cause a dent in your career. In this article, I will help you in figuring out how you can choose the best college for Interior Design Course in Mumbai.

Interior Design College in Mumbai

  • Affiliation and Recognition –

Nowadays, you will find a number of institutes offering Interior design course – thanks to the high demand for the course in the market. But it does not mean that you can enter in the industry by just completing a course from any college. The institute needs to be affiliated for the course to be recognized; or else it simply won’t hold any value.

  • After-Course Assistance –

Just completing the course isn’t enough, you need a way to enter the industry. And that is difficult without any outside assistance. So, the colleges that provide after-course assistance are more referred to when compared to the one that doesn’t. In addition, if the college offers you a placement facility, then do not miss such an opportunity.

  • The flexibility of Time and Proximity –

These two are important factors, especially if you are planning to join another course or a job along. Some institutes provide flexible timings without any loss of teaching sessions, while some have strict attendance criteria. Choose your category wisely as it will be the same for the rest of your course. Moreover, also make a note of the length of the classes, so that you get enough time to practice and understand the concepts clearly.

While selecting the best college as per your opinion, also check the proximity of the institute and the connectivity. Remember that you have to attend these classes for at least a year or more. This means that you would want to travel their regularly, and so the connectivity matters.

  • Faculty –

Your teacher will be responsible for your learning and knowledge about the designing course. So, you can shortlist your best interior design colleges in Mumbai unless you have a little detail about the faculty. Check the faculty and understand their experience. Sometimes the experience is not everything that you want, as not all experience people are good teachers. So, talk to the students to know about the teaching technique or see if they conduct any demo lectures before admissions.

  • Infrastructure and Fee Structure –

Students often do not consider these options while making their decision of listing the best interior design colleges in Mumbai. But these play an important part. Checking infrastructure is necessary because you will be having all of your classes for the interior design course here itself. So, you need to see if they have enough space and facilities for a good practical experience. Also, check the quality of the study material they provide while offering the courses.

Lastly, do not forget to check the fee structure. This is essential as education is becoming costlier with each passing day. Some colleges do ask for a one-time payment, which can be a problem for many of the students. So, check if they provide installments for fees payment or online transactions, etc.

There are a number of interior design colleges in Mumbai that falls under these essential criteria. So, the final decision is yours to check the best one and get your seat reserved in that institute for best career options.

Interior designing is the most sort after career option. But to secure an amazing future in this field, it is important to join a good Interior Design Course. And that is only possible when you do a lot of research. Today, I will help you through this daunting process of finding a good Interior
Designing course.


Step 1: Find the Best Interior Design Course

Choose among the number of interior designing courses that are best as per your requirement.
For entering the interior designers’ field, you need to choose one among the established
following courses –
1) One Year Diploma in Interior Designing
2) Two Year Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing
3) Bachelor in Interior Designing
4) Degree in Interior Designing and Decorators Each of the above-mentioned courses has its own perks. For example, the one year Interior
design course will offer you the fastest entry into the field, but will only provide you with basic designing skills; whereas, the degree course will take its sweet 3 years’ completion time, but you will be groomed and prepared with all the in-depth knowledge regarding all aspects of
interior designing.

Step 2: Find the Best Interior Design College

The next step is to find the proper college to complete the Interior Design course. Here are some tips for choosing the Best Interior Design Colleges –
1) Check Reputation of The College –
Apparently, the reputation of the college will help you a lot with your career. From outside, everything might look shiny and lustrous; but, go for a college that has better facilities and infrastructure for your course. You can also check with the students already enrolled there for suggestions and reviews.
2) The proximity of The Institute –
The proximity of the college will play an important role as you have to travel on a regular basis for the course. Also, check the connectivity of that place regarding transportation. All the interior design colleges located in the heart of the city has more demand just because of good connectivity.
3) Course Curriculum –

A good designing course can be identified from its curriculum, and it is also the fundamental of a good institute. So, ensure that the course covers all the important aspects required for becoming a successful interior designer.

4)  Learning Approach –
Interior designing is a creative field, and therefore, only mugging theories won’t do any good. Choose a course and institute that gives more importance to practical knowledge and have the infrastructure for the same. Also check if you can get any kind of exposures like workshops, industry visits, etc. as it will help you understand the working of the industry.

5) Projects and After-Course Assistance –
Finally, this is a practical field, and therefore, projects play an essential role. Check whether the course and the college you opt for offers you opportunities and assistance on projects. Also, if the college is offering you after-course assistance, then it is simply an added advantage.

Step 3: Visit and Confirm Your Admission

Never take your decision just by looking at the internet gallery and information. You should personally visit and talk to the faculty as well as students studying there for help. When you find everything satisfactory, do not waste another moment and book your seat in the interior design course for great a career as an Interior Designer.

Fashion Designing course has huge demand. You might find each career counselor suggesting fashion designing a field worth pursuing. But have you ever thought of what is next after completing the fashion design course? Does everyone get a chance to become a successful fashion designer? Do you have any other career option left apart from fashion designing?

In this article, let us discuss what’s next after completing the fashion technology course.

Designers from any field go through a lot of training to become experts in creative thoughts. Thus, a number of fields open up for such hard-working creative people. Some of the career options you can choose are –

Become A Fashion Designer And show the world your hidden creative self

This profession doesn’t need an introduction or definition; we all know what fashion designers are and what they do. Let it be Bollywood or Hollywood, fashion designers have great importance in the celebrity industry. However, if you are living under the rock, then let me explain that a fashion designer creates an original line of clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry, etc.


Become A Retail Buyer or Manager… And try your hand at working with branded outlets

Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of going to a fashion designer for party wears. This is why most of the public buy from the retail stores where they get a variety of ready-made garment choices. You can choose to be a retail buyer or manager depending on your interest and work for other brands. Trust me, this career option is better than it actually sounds.

Become A Stylist… And help people choose the best wardrobe styles

You can consider this as one of the best job profiles and also one of the toughest. You get to be all creative and at the same time make sure that the people do agree with your styles. As a stylist, you have to pick the right pieces from the wardrobe collection for your client according to the body type, occasion, and other factors. In addition, it is the job of the stylist to choose makeup, accessories, and hairstyles too for the clients. In short, you have to take care of the complete look for that specific occasion.

Become A Textile Designer… And get directly into the Business

As a textile designer, you are responsible for creating 2D designs (unique as well as repetitive) for knit patterns, printed fabrics, etc. Textile designers normally work as a part of the team, but with certain company’s they can even work individually with their designs. By becoming a textile designer, you directly jump into the business area and can make the full use of the knowledge of Fashion technology.

Become A Fashion Blogger… And inspire people all around the world

If you have the flair of writing or gift of the gab, then you can pursue writing as a career option too. You can write for a fashion magazine or simply write your own independent fashion blogs. Being from the creative world, you will be blessed in this field by letting the world know about the ideas and fashion sense. So, write and inspire thousands with your creative skills.

I hope these are enough worthy options to motivate you for studying the course with all heart. There are few more options related to the fashion designing course, which are not directly related, but that topic is for some other time. For now, study and prosper in your career path, and to learn more about the types of fashion designing courses, don’t forget to check our website.

Fashion designing has got its stakes high with a lot of career scope and vast industry chances. Given the craze it is gaining over the last few years, there are many students out there dreaming of becoming a successful fashion designer in the future. Seeing the number of fashion designing institute and different courses to enter this, the only thing students lack is proper guidance. So, in this article, let us learn about how you can get admissions for fashion designing courses.

Fashion designing Courses in mumbai

Know About the Different Courses…

  1. Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design –

An undergraduate degree course for all the students who want to make a difference in the fashion world. The B.Sc. Fashion Design gives you a direct entrance in the industry of fashion designing. You get in-depth knowledge about the past, present, and future of the fashion world.

  1. Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing –

It is a diploma course gives you knowledge about practical and theory subjects in fashion designing. As the name suggests, it is an advanced course with detail studies about all the important subjects that will make a difference in your career.

  1. One-Year Diploma in Fashion Designing –

A one-year diploma provides you with basic knowledge of practical and theoretical subjects. This diploma is the perfect way to get an introduction to this gigantic field. You will be learning to sketch, make illustrations, pattern making, construction, making costumes, etc. in this course.

Eligibility –

The requirements you need to fulfill for entering these courses are the basic higher school certificate examinations i.e. 12th standard. You can attend the diploma courses irrespective of the standard 12th results, but for a degree course, you need to have the certificate.

Steps to Block Your Seat –

  • Choose the best-suited fashion design course as per your interest and career perspective.
  • Look out for fashion designing institute and colleges that provide the specific course.
  • Contact the institute and make a brief inquiry about the course and related information.
  • Visit the college to see if the place has good infrastructure and teaching faculty.
  • Block your admissions before the time runs out.

P.S. Make sure to choose a college with enough practical space and maximum exposure to the industry for making sure that you have a good future ahead. After all, practical knowledge and contacts are what will take you higher in this creative field.

Related Courses –

If you do not get admission in the desired college or if you are yet to appear your 10+2 examination, then you can also enroll yourself to related courses to make your basics strong. You can join the correspondence/distance education courses so that the timings are flexible and you can manage it with your ongoing schedule.

  • Tailoring
  • Embroidery
  • Costume Jewelry and Accessory Design
  • Draping and Pattern Making
  • Computer Aided Designing
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Sketching

There are many more related courses that you can learn before joining the fashion designers institute. You can also simply attend the workshops related to the field to get more in-depth knowledge about the industry. So, get your admissions and be ready to join this humongous world of fashion and trends.

Becoming a Fashion Designer is the goal of a number of aspiring designing students. But do you actually have what it takes to become a successful fashion designer? In this article, let us understand the things you need to become a Fashion Designer after 12th.

Fashion Designing Courses

Preparation Stage…

Once you have completed your higher school education, you can start by looking for Fashion designing colleges and institutes. Before shortlisting the colleges, make sure to check that the college is accredited by the Maharashtra state for certified courses. Also check other details about the college like infrastructure, the flexibility of the timing, teaching faculty, and additional events such as workshops, exposure to showcase talent, etc.

It is important that you choose the right fashion designer’s institute to set your career on the right path. When you shortlist the colleges with the best fashion designing course and take admission in the best one, your journey starts from there.

Performance Stage –

Now that you have joined one of the fashion technology courses, your performance journey starts. You have to always outperform yourself to become the best fashion designer of the time. You also need to learn the different technical skills related to the fashion designing field to be ever ready for any opportunity in the path.

Here are some questions, answering which will help you in the performance stage and make you a great designer –

  • Are you artistic?
  • Can you visualize the end results?
  • Do you have your own signature designs?
  • Are you creative enough with the styles?
  • Do you give importance to details?
  • Are you good with communication skills?

These simple questions will evoke your inner self and tell you if you really want to be a fashion designer. Being artistic and creative is important for becoming a designer, whereas having unique ideas and signature designs is important to become a successful designer. Another important skill you need to become a famous person is communication. It is a public field where you need to interact with people. And that is why it is important to have good communication skills. So, if you have all these things in you, then you will be already onto the road of success.

Execution Stage –

Now that you have learned the important details and all the insides out of the fashion technology courses, it is time for implementing that knowledge. Make use of your contacts that you have made during the workshops and college years. You can also join paid or unpaid internships for gaining experience as well as the industry’s information. The internship can help you a lot with the career as you develop the network as well as you can always receive a recommendation letter from the superiors.

This is a short, brief detail for becoming a well-established fashion designer after 12th. So, get going and secure your admission right now in a well-known fashion designing school for a brilliant colourful career.