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Career Options after becoming an Interior Designer!

Interior design courses


Do you dream of becoming a successful professional? Do you dread 9-5 jobs? Are you a creative individual? Most prominently, do you want to be your own boss? Well, then look no further, as we have just the right course and training for you at Designers Institute, the best design school. Confused about what actually does the job profile of an interior designer include? Let’s look at 5 career options after becoming an interior designer!

1.    Start your own Interior Design Firm:

Interior design

There’s a enormous scope in India, for interior designers these days as people keep make over and renewing their homes, offices etc. every 5-6 years. New spaces such as restaurants, schools, houses etc. also need the magical touch of an Interior designer and awareness about this is spreading in India.  earning a lot and being your own boss. It is also a very enjoyable job, when you see your design taking shape and being molded into reality!

2.    Working in a Design Firm:

Interior design

An architecture or interior design office is one of the greatest places to work at. Every day is a new challenge and there is no toil or dullness at work. Design is a team strength and thus it isn’t a work-space job. The atmosphere at a design office is catchy and charged up as the space itself is so attractive and you are surrounded by smart, creative and talented people. There is a lot of hard work and determination required, but when you see a certain space come out amazing, it is all worth it!

  1. Furniture Designer / Furniture Boutique:

Furniture design

Furniture in itself is a vast field! Being an Interior designer, you shall increase knowledge about the details and fine shades of furniture. You can use that information to become a furniture designer or start your own boutique. Nothing gives more happiness than helping to make somebody’s house, their home. It is also a very well-paid business with a lot of scope to design and have fun.

  1. Product Designer / Product Showroom:

Interior design course

Curating fine artistic pieces and products to complete a space is the job of an interior designer. We have a fine eye for element, and the vision of what will look good where. Interior designers also have in depth information about a lot of materials and how to work with them. Thus, they can become successful product designers, over a wide range of commodities such as lights, home decor, rugs, curtains, furnishing, gift articles, artefacts and showpieces, clocks and so on.

  1. Teach Design:

Interior design degree

Developing design thinking and inspiring students to be creative, make ideas and give them technical knowledge is a highly fulfilling, holistic and satisfying career option. Motivating a bunch of students to think out of the box, and activating the design gene in them to produce talented designers is part of the job profile. Design is not somewhat which you can study from a textbook, and that makes this job very challenging and enjoyable. for further information Call us on 820416759.