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Are You Confused? What Career Path Should You Choose After 12th Boards?

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You decide your own destiny and every single word of this saying is true. You are the only one who has the power of sculpturing your future by choosing a career path right at the initial stage. So, which field are you planning to choose after the board exams? Isn’t this the same question everyone is asking you these days? If you are confused about it, then do not worry anymore, as I am here to help you out with this most important (but also terrifying) decision of your life.

what to do after 12th

After 10th boards, you only had to choose between three major fields of science, commerce, and arts. But now, you have appeared for your 12th exams, and so the spectrum of your choices has increased to unimaginable one. The basic fields of Engineering, Medical, CA, Law, Defense, and Journalism are very well known, and also very populated. All these careers fields have more applicants than the actual vacancies. And so, the final result is unemployment. This is exactly why, you need a fresh breeze of the category to pursue, which will secure your career and the future. And so, it is time to explore the new creative branches of Fashion Designing and Interior Designing.


The artistic and creative field of fashion designing and interior designing degree have always been ignored by all of us in the name of high-pay engineering jobs. But these creative fields are now blooming up. They have brought up more established and accomplished personalities than any other field of career. Some of the iconic examples are Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre, Ritu Kumar, Tanya Gyani, Manit Rastogi, etc. These are some names which are not only famous in India but all around the world. So, do you still think fashion designing degree or interior design degree as a lowkey profile career?

Interior design course in mumbai

The market boom is indicating towards the creative fields of interior designing and fashion designing. Therefore, stop looking out for the stereotype career options and take a leap of faith to these off-road opportunities. Find one of the best fashion designing colleges in Mumbai, and lead your road, and then walk on the ramp (pun intended). And if you are more biased towards architecture than fashion, then choose the Interior design course and set your road to success.

Gone are the days when engineering, medical, and CA use to rule the career market, it is the time for your inner creative person to vent out. Today is the time for the fashion designers and interior designers to empower the world with their creative artistic work career.

So, which field are you planning to go ahead with, Fashion Designing or Interior Designing degree?