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5 Things You Will Learn In Our Interior Design Courses

B.Sc. degree in Interior Designing


Interior designing is a career that revolves around designing spaces. It is an art of turning around a simple space to functional one. When one thinks of interior design, he thinks of designing homes. However, the field reaches out to spaces like offices, restaurants, hotels, malls and public buildings.

A career in interior designing requires a candidate to have the creativity and technical knowledge the field demands. Acquiring technical knowledge is only possible through Interior designing courses. As a student wanting to take up the subject, start your research on the following:

Interior designing institutes

  1. Location (distance from your residence)
  2. Course curriculum
  3. Additional perks (job assistance, internship opportunities)
  4. Faculties and mentors
  5. Infrastructure

Apart from the above pointers that you need to consider, you need to choose the kind of course to pursue. The duration of the interior designing course and the location of the institution will impact your learning.

For example, if you take up a  Interior Design degree, the duration will be three years. There is a vast amount of course curriculum to be covered and topics will be taught in-depth. If you pursue an interior designing diploma course, the duration will be of one year or two years. The curriculum for diploma will differ as per the duration.

So, what can you expect to learn from our interior courses? Here’s a list. Bear in mind, this is not all. For detailed information on what we do, come over to our institute. We can arrange a demo class.

1. Color Psychology – No matter what you design, you need to choose the right colors. In a course, you will surely cover the basics of color dynamics earlier on in the course. You will be taught how color affects the ambience around. You will be able to coordinate with colour and spaces by applying different color theories.

2. Understanding Decor – Any customer entering a restaurant on first sight notices the walls, table cloths, positioning and the complete ambience. With smart matching of tablecloths with the drapes, an interior designer can creating an amazing interior for his client. Therefore, interior designing courses cover the knowledge of basic fabric. So plain walls can be easily decorated by applying a good color scheme in your upholstery.

3. Space Management – Space management has become a major necessity today. With property prices increasing tremendously, an interior designer must master how to design limited spaces. We lay importance on learning space management in our course. Clients need comfortable spaces within the set space. We teach our students how to design a functional space in the given resources.

4. Virtual Designing – Through virtual designing, you will learn how to create numerous combinations of furniture, wall colors, and other materials. Students learn the basics and advanced computer applications.

5. Latest Trends in Designing – Our interior designing courses educate you in the current market trends and tools in design. Over the years, there has been an increased popularity of Interior landscaping. It is best for home owners with limited space and desire a landscape. Through our short term courses in Interior Landscaping, students can learn the right selection of plants and other materials.

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